EXES Strategy Consulting

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EXES Strategy Consultants is a boutique strategy consulting company with offices in Greece and Cyprus offering three main services lines:

1. Re-organisation and Performance Improvement
These services focus on improving the company’s profitability and include a) performance improvement to increase the company’s profitability through actions that increase revenue and decrease costs, b) restructuring the company to enable it to achieve its objectives and c) business turn-around for companies facing severe challenges and wish to recover through drastic changes in the structure and operation of the company.
2. Corporate Finance
These services focus mainly on the financial aspects of the company and include a) acquisition and divesture of businesses in Greece, Cyprus and abroad through our international networks and our full participation in all the stages of buying and selling a business and b) financial restructuring of the company through investor participation, banking finance etc. Also, our company owns the specialist internet marketplace www.bizmarket.gr with more than two hundred companies for sale in Greece and Cyprus.
3. Development and implementation of strategy
These services address strategic issues and include

a) development of the company’s strategy through an analysis both of the competitive environment and the company itself and
b) strategy implementation through a specific plan of actions.

Our partners have working experience of more than twenty years each and they have participated in consulting projects in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. In addition, they have worked with companies of different sizes from leading multinationals to local small and medium sized companies.
EXES Strategy Consultants works with a small number of selected clients, building long term relationships and assisting its clients to achieve their objectives.

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